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Mental Health Skill Building

{Mental Health Services for Adults ages 18-65}

MHSB Service Description

UMHS offers Mental Health Skill Building services to older adolescents (at least 18 years of age) and adults that have a primary diagnosis of mental illness (Major Depressive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective disorder, etc.) with co-occurring substance abuse and or intellectual disability diagnosis. UMHS will provide support services to individuals who are at risk for institutionalization or homelessness because of deficiencies with basic life skills. Each individual will learn skills for Independent living, interpersonal relationships, use of community resources, money management/budgeting, assessing housing and benefits. Individuals will also learn to monitor their health, nutrition, and exercise. Our services provide each individual with the skills to function successfully in the home and community. The goal of UMHS is to provide the most stable and beneficial environment with a maximum of opportunities in which individuals can grow and develop into productive citizens in our society.

Specific services descriptions provided under UMHS mental health skill building services include but not limited to:

1) Hands on money management: individuals who qualify for mental health skill building services, also qualify for hands on money management services through UMHS. The services are provided through a qualified mental health professional who assist the individual with learning how to handle their money on a daily basis. Money management services include: hands on budgeting in which the client will learn how to handle their money on a daily basis. The individual will be involved with planning, paying bills and saving money, assistance with landlord issues, creditors, and Bill collectors.

2) Health care coordination: Individuals who qualify for Mental Health Skill Building services, will receive health care coordination. UMHS is committed to providing skills training and support as it relates to an individual’s physical health in addition to their mental health. The QMHP will be available to collaborate with physicians and other service providers. The QMHP will have working knowledge of the clients medical history to assure proper collaborations to coordinate affective evaluations,

assessments and ongoing care.

3) Socialization Activities: UMHS strives to promote good mental health through positive social opportunities. UMHS Will promote ongoing positive leisure activities with the belief that, good communication, positive self-esteem building, and networking are all objectives that build confidence and feelings of acceptance.

4) Household management sessions: A UMHS staff will assist the individual with increasing their level of control and understanding regarding developing healthy

interpersonal relationships.

5) Community Linkage: A UMHS staff will link the client to resources, which exist in their immediate community to promote self-sufficiency. These will include resources available through local Community Services Boards, Court Services Units, Social Services Departments, Public Health Centers, School Systems, Food Banks, Community Recreational Facilities, and other agencies. It is hoped that with these resources the client will be empowered to use them to decrease their dependency on the system.

Service Areas:

MHSB services are provided in Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA Beach, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Richmond, Petersburg and surrounding areas!

*Funding for services available through medicaid, or self-pay.

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